Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

This week we returned to a calmer and more simple classroom structure. There are still significant portions of the room dedicated to our expansive Greek god tribute project, but now these structures are becoming a part of everyday learning environment. Hephaestus’ cave has become an independent work space, we conduct lessons and conversations atop our stage, and our columns add a Greek flair to every classroom moment.

Amidst all of this classroom flair, students have returned to their hero paragraphs and an exploration of heroism both in Europe and south of the equator. To bolster this writing, we launched a study of parts of speech and the manipulation of words. Students played with Mad-Libs and even created their own in order to strengthen their skills working with these words. Outside of grammar, we also began to construct an ancient Greek timeline in which students studied and summarized critical moments in the history of ancient Greece. They then placed these summaries on a class timeline. We are using this to build conceptual knowledge that will clarify and intensify our coming class reading of The Odyssey (a developmentally appropriate and abbreviated version of the original text). Additionally, students engaged with writing about Greek daily life in order to make connections with, and visualize a distant but present past.

We’ve used the WIP Menu to organize this work and reflected with almost every student this week on their planning and work completion. They’ll be able to discuss this in very clear terms when we all sit together in late March to discuss their progress at student-led conferences.

A few pieces of JU-D information:

Thanks for taking a look at our conference doodles! Remember that JU-D students will need to attend the conference since they’ll be leading them. If you’re wondering who your child’s advisor is, please refer to these lists…

Nick: Moshe, Gabe, Jack, Nat, Lucy, Ella, Maddy, Navlea, Oliver, Ruby, Ben, Lara

Noelle: Lexi, Elijah, Sylvia, Arjun, Taylor, Zane, Lev, Maria, Natasha, Samara, Lucca

Also, Olympic Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for June 1st. Please save the date as we’ll have more of your child’s work to share with you then. Families will be invited to attend and observe the games as we close out our ancient Greek year.

Enjoy the weekend.


Noelle & Nick