JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D families,

Apologies for missing the Friday note last week... and for not getting this one posted on Friday. We crossed wires, and it didn't post. We didn't want you to miss this week's news... thus the email. Please forgive us if we have clogged up your inbox!

Students continued to track the journey of Odysseus through his wanderings on his return home. They worked in two small reading groups visualizing the journey, posing questions to deepen their understanding, and using discussion groups to advance their knowledge. We are approaching the end of the journey and should be wrapping up the tale next week.

The paints, paper, and tools came out again as students worked to complete a ceiling tile poster for their great Greek. In addition, we put our knowledge of Archimedian principles to work as students balanced symbols on multi-level mobiles that will eventually hang from our ceiling. This will mark the final frontier of our Empty Classroom Project.

Wissahickon Charter School students visited us on Wednesday to launch our service learning projects related to watershed and invasive plants. Denis Lucey, Landscape Manager, and Karen Flick, Assistant Landscape Manager, spoke about the history of the arboretum, the work happening while we are not there, and the challenges that students can help to address. Students then worked in small groups to clarify the problems, consider the impact, and create action steps to execute when we travel to Awbury Arboretum for the next three Thursdays. Our racial identity work continued in affinity groups, as well, and we see these two curricula as reinforcing one another, as Wissahickon Charter School students represent a demographic that is in contrast to TPS students, both racially and socioeconomically.

ERB practice began this week. You received an email regarding ERBs from the learning resource department. Please feel free to email with questions. This week we focused on reading sections, and we’ll review writing and math sections in the coming weeks. We continue to monitor student perceptions of the ERB and respond in ways that will help set them up for a low-stress, positive experience.

The Junior Unit teachers will be hosting a JU Move-Up Meeting on Tuesday. While you are welcome to join us, please know that the program is designed to introduce families to the Junior Unit experience. You are likely to know already a great deal of what we have to say, so please don't feel concerned if you will not be attending.

We hope you enjoyed the weekend.


Nick & Noelle