JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

This week students hustled towards the finish line of their patron god project. Paints flowed, drills spun, and students got a glimpse of what their final products would be. The classroom is crammed with inventive large scale constructions that tell the story of, and honor five Greek gods. Students are beginning to see their labors come to fruition and are feeling the payoff of their hard work.

Outside of the JU-D patron gods project, students worked diligently in the agora with JU-C as they began to put plans into place to change a variety of school policies dealing with snack and birthday celebrations. Your young activists built digital surveys, composed and rehearsed speeches, and designed posters to increase awareness throughout the school. This fits into our continued study of social activism and our analyses of how Americans make changes to their community both “inside and outside of the system.” Additionally, as the primary season heats up, students dipped their toes into the world of presidential politics. They learned vocabulary about this complex and often daunting system, and had the opportunity to explore and analyze the policies of one of the many presidential hopefuls. As the week draws to a close, we hope that parents will continue these political conversations as a way of reinforcing the idea that young people are vital participants in our governmental system.

Finally, the week culminated in a cultural Encuentro celebration in which students experienced first hand the complex rhythms of Afro-Cuban percussion. TPS alums joined in on the demonstration as students watched and even participated in a rousing drum session. It was an excellent way to cap off a busy and productive week.

A few useful pieces of JU-D information:

  • Our February 11 open house will begin at 10:00 and will be followed by the school’s talent show.
  • Keep an eye out for an email regarding software for parent cell phones that will help maximize the open house experience.
  • In preparation for their plays, students may be looking for props and pieces for their costumes over the weekend to bring into school on Monday.
  • Next week there will be a 4 day weekend: Friday is a faculty professional development day and Monday school will closed for President’s Day.


Noelle and Nick