JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

L. Frank Baum once said, “Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” It seems that we have finally made it to that point this year. The room has been filled to the brim with symbols of learning, small and large. It’s hard to imagine the blank carpeted expanse that we began the year with, but each mobile, cave, and pillar tells the story of the journey of JU-D from a blank canvas to packed. As we return the room to its original state, it is clear that although things are ending, the work done this year in JU-D will endure.

As things wind down, students are deeply engaged in the Olympics. Already students have recited pledges and carried out elaborate dances to the gods. They have competed in boat building, improv, relay races, and Jeopardy-- and that’s only after one week. Next week will be full of other events, culminating in a glorious day of competition at The Schuylkill Center next Thursday.

Underneath all the competition, there is a definite tone of nostalgia. With Move-Up Day on Monday, fifth graders are looking ahead, and fourth graders have begun to imagine taking on the leadership role in the classroom. Still, we find ourselves looking back at our year as a whole JU-D. In these moments, students have demonstrated a real pride for all that they have accomplished this year. Not only have they designed huge constructivist projects, their writing, speaking, and community have evolved in an amazing way.

It has been a pleasure to teach your kids this year. Getting to know families is always a special experience, and you have all contributed to this healthy learning community. From learning celebrations to the opening Olympic ceremonies, your involvement has been essential to our classroom culture. We hope you all have a thoroughly enjoyable summer full of relaxation and learning in the “real world.”

A few useful pieces of JU-D information:

  • Move-Up Day for students is Monday at 11:25am.
  • Graduation for 8th graders is next Friday at 9am. Students are invited to dress up a bit for the annual ceremony. Dismissal is at 11:30am, with no after school activities.

Noelle & Nick