JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D families,

What a beautiful week! JU-D has used the sunlight and warm weather to energize deep classroom discussion, and to fuel clear reflection on student goals and growth. This week we continued our work on The Iliad. Students honed their envisioning skills as they took detailed notes on the story, attempting to gather moments of intense sensory detail to include in original short story versions of the battles of The Iliad. Furthermore, students also worked on a classroom model of the story arc of this epic. Students worked in groups to place plot summaries, character lists, and depictions of setting on a class story arc.

Outside of our layered work on The Iliad JU-D experienced and explored different facets of identity. Students attended an original play at HMS School for Students with Cerebral Palsy. There they saw different challenges that people face, as well as the way people overcome these challenges. Additionally, JU-D spent more time trying to break down the “box” of gender. We took an up close look at the differences in men’s and women’s athletics as a launching point for a discussion that started out globally and quickly became focused on the way JU-D students unconsciously reinforce gender roles. Students opened up bravely and moved to a place of deeper understanding that we will continue to build on. These conversations should continue at home. JU-Ders are ready to begin expanding their view on this topic to more general aspects of their life.

Finally JU-D members finished an entire hero paper from start to finish. They submitted rough drafts today, and are developing more sophisticated writing structures and ideas about what actually makes a hero. This demonstrates huge growth in the class as a whole as they continually become more comfortable conceiving of and carrying out long term assignments.

A few useful pieces of JU-D information: 

  • Student-led conferences are approaching. They will happen on March 24 and 25.
  • JU-D launched a pilot trial of Google Classroom, a program that will allow students to manage resources, plan in advance, and submit work quickly and easily. Students are still adjusting to the program, but invite them to show the page as we hope it will become a helpful resource.

Nick and Noelle