May 20, 2016

Dear JUD Families,

As we wrap up our last full week of the year, there’s still much to share. Our Greek city states continue to meet, preparing events for the Junior Unit Olympics and building team spirit. We’re looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies on June 1st. We’ll begin at 10:30am. After the Ceremony, you are invited to attend the first big event, our relay races. You are also invited to come visit the JUD classroom; ceiling tiles and Archimedean mobiles will be ready for your perusal by then.

Thursday marked a close to our work with Wissahickon Charter School and Awbury Arboretum. After a serious effort to remove phragmites and overgrown cattail from the pond, native plant tagging, trash pick up, and the preparation of educational materials, we all gathered in the meadow for one last time. David led us in song before WCS returned to school. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing our Thursdays on Olympic work. We’ll stay at TPS this coming week. On June 2nd, we’ll head to Friends Select in the afternoon for a special Olympic event (more details coming in next week’s note!), and on June 9th, we’ll have a final day at the Schuylkill Center, where we will hold our final Olympic competitions.

Next week we’ll focus our energies on ERBs. You can take a look at the schedule here: Please help your child get quality sleep, and feel free to pack extra healthy snacks; if possible, consider avoiding too many sweets,a s they can lead to energy ups and downs. This week, students are permitted to bring in mints, which have been shown to have a stimulating effect on the brain… Students will get breaks, but they will have more sit still time than is typical at TPS.

We were delighted to see the sun come out this week. Hopefully the weather will hold for those of you attending EATS, and perhaps even give you the chance to spend some dry moments outside this weekend.

Truly, Noelle & Nick