JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D families,

This week we thought deeply about independent work and strategized ways for students to manage their workload. We utilized a work in progress planning sheet to allow students to visualize their week and the time they would have for work at home and at school. Today, we began to wrap up our JU-D/JU-C book clubs, so students should be reaching the end of their books. Also in partnership with JU-C, we continued to explore ideas around citizenship and voting. We analyzed the different ways Americans have fought for their right to vote, and juxtaposed this struggle with the current apathy surrounding our electoral system. On Monday and Thursday, we spent a rain soaked, but productive morning at Awbury Arboretum where we gathered qualitative data about a space in nature and continued to investigate invasive plant species.

When JU-D had a moment to ourselves we began to develop schema around ancient Greek worship and used primary documents to begin to develop an understanding of ancient religious practice. Moving forward, we will utilize this knowledge to help us build a series of tributes to the Olympic Gods. Another new beginning this week dealt with sentence structure. We broke sentences down to their most basic pieces and practiced piecing them back together into functioning and complete sentences. You should expect your child to write in this way moving forward! Additionally, this week marked the end our time with Claudia and Jamie Kincaid, the main characters in our class read aloud, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. To commemorate the occasion, we dismantled our classroom museum and wrote stories explaining the “secret history” of one of our artifacts.

A few useful reminders:


Next week, we will again be visiting Awbury Arboretum on Monday and Thursday to complete our science units on scientific inquiry and invasive plants. On Mondays we’ll return to school around 12:05. On Thursdays, we’ll be in the field for our usual full day. -

On Monday, November 23rd, we’ll be baking brownies as we prepare the Junior Unit portion of the Thanksgiving Feast. This goes most smoothly if families lend us large mixing bowls and large spoons for mixing our ingredients. If you could send in one or both of these items, we will keep them safe and return them to you on Monday night. -

Friday folders should return home with your child today. Please remember to empty the contents of the folder and sign the sheet inside the Friday Folder.

Have a great weekend!

Truly, Noelle & Nick