JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

We are now in the midst of the holiday season and are pushing to pack your students full of knowledge. Along with this knowledge cram, we pushed towards creating bibliophiles out of your kids. This week included the book fair, as well as a special presentation by a published author, Nancy Viau, who walked the Junior Unit through her creative process.

Outside of our literary explorations, we began working to turn our raw data and observations from our country classrooms into solid science reports. Students also completed drafts of their Philadelphia hero papers. This entailed an exploration of local heroes in order to broaden student understanding of the characteristics of a hero. All of this work fits into our larger inquiry into the hero's journey. We also had the opportunity to explore Philadelphia further in our trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where we saw the Wrath of the Gods exhibit. Before heading to the museum we took time to analyze and explore the story of Prometheus, whose gruesome punishment was featured in the exhibit.

Along with our study of Prometheus, we dove into a new project to spice up our classroom and add onto the bare bones that your students designed. We will conceive of and execute a series of tributes devoted to a variety of gods. These tributes will incorporate building, performance, and intensive research. Students began the process by analyzing secondary source documents to gather information about the way ancient Greeks worshipped in order to inform our tributes. Additionally we wrote speeches to persuade JU-D about which gods we should honor. This week we voted to determine which of the gods belong in JU-D. Next week students will learn which of the gods they will be responsible for building an altar to. As we approach the winter break, you will likely hear more about plans for these exciting altars.

A few useful reminders:

  • We are taking a week off from Friday folders.
  • This Saturday is the all school book fair. It will be held in the Garage from 11-2.

Have a good weekend,

Nick and Noelle