JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

This week was full of drama, heroism, maniacs, and rigorous planning. Students began the week with the launch of the next aspect of their JU-D patron god tribute project. In total JU-D will honor and explore five different gods: Athena, Dionysus, Artemis, Hermes, and Hephaestus. You may already have heard about the first element of this project, our original drama about the exploits of each god. This week we began crafting detailed proposals (blueprints included) for honorary structures which we build in the classroom. JU-D members contemplated the best way to encapsulate their god in a physical space that adds to the purpose driven classroom we have created. Students designed, schemed, debated, and imagined structures all while negotiating the dynamics of their group.

This week we also continued our study of heroes through our new class book, Jerry Spinneli’s masterpiece Maniac Magee. We parallelled the story of this mighty young man with an examination of Heracles and his 12 monumental labors. Your kids created dynamic comic books detailing each of the 12 labors. We looked at the Heroic Journey in relation to Heracles as well as Maniac. Students are beginning to see the ways in which heroes follow similar progressions through trials and triumphs alike. To connect this journey with our study of drama, we also began a classroom performance of The Golden Fleece, a play about Jason and his team of heroic Argonauts.

Finally, we wrapped up the week by laying out a complex and tricky spelling rule. JU-D students grappled with the tricky rules of doubling consonants when adding a variety of suffixes. Your kids broke down words into their essential pieces and came out with a clear understanding of this rule.

We’ve begun preparing for our open house on February 11th, so save the date!


Noelle and Nick