JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

As Philadelphia gears up for the first real snow storm of the year, JU-D has been hard at work prepping for a monumental open house. This week, after hours of painstaking planning, debate, and discussion, members of JU-D finally began a whirlwind of construction. We are on the way to transforming our student built classroom into a tribute to five Greek gods. There is chicken wire, lumber, tubing, styrofoam, shelving, and paper-mache moving throughout the room as teams of students put their plans into action. Columns, caves, stages, and altars are already beginning to take shape in the classroom as students finally get their hands dirty.

Outside of our construction, JU-D members have continued to work with different forms of narrative expression. As we finished Maniac Magee, we created comic books commemorating the “labors” of Maniac Magee. This allowed us to practice taking quotes from text and to cement the similarities between Maniac and other heroes we have met in Junior Unit.

Moving forward, JU-D students will continue to build through the next week and fine tune plays for their debut during our open house on February 11 (we will begin at 10:00). Additionally, we will begin work on a multimedia project that will help to show the intricate layers of learning that students have taken part in this year.

Friday folders have been conspicuously absent. We have been hoarding student work as we work towards finalizing reports.


Noelle and Nick