Dear JU-D Families,

This week things got bloody in JU-D. Students have continued to be wowed by the intensely rich and somewhat gory story of Homer’s Iliad. This week, as the class witnessed the deaths of Patroclus and Hector in battle, we worked to contextualize the drama of these moments by investigating the complex ritual of Greek funeral practices. Students utilized this knowledge to enter the text through a series of creative writing activities that asked student to use envisioning skills to paint a clear picture of the action. These strategies fit into our repertoire of text attack strategies that we will continue to develop as the year continues.

Finally in theme we launched another constructivist JU-D style project. In honor of the brutally slain Trojan hero Hector, we will be conducting a full Greek-style funeral. Students will plan and execute one of three parts of the traditional funerary process. You may get some requests to bring materials from home to assist in this construction.

In other news, JU-D class members worked hard to finalize their preparation for student-led conferences. JU-Ders conducted trial conferences, reflected on goals, and worked towards a comfortable and confident conference. They are looking forward to sharing their learning with you all.

A useful piece of JU-D information: Community service forms went home yesterday. Please discuss them with you kids and return them on Monday.


Noelle and Nick