JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

It was a busy but abbreviated week in JU-D. Much of our work was dedicated to advancing our patron god project. Students began the process of workshopping plays, revising their building proposals, and creating concrete plans on the way the construction of their tribute will proceed. Along with their intensive project based work, we continued to make our way through Maniac Magee, pausing to explore the relationship between race, community, and where we live. Additionally, we continued to parallel Maniac’s story with the tale of Heracles and tracked his progress through the heroic journey.

Your students are pushing towards a complex and fascinating Open House presentation that will be jam-packed with examples of the learning that has taken place in JU-D this year. Again, the presentation will be held on February 11 and will begin at 10:00. JU-D members are beginning to feel the flutter of nervousness, but they are excited to demonstrate the knowledge they have accumulated this year. Save the date!


Noelle and Nick