JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D families,

This week we got dramatic in JU-D. A huge part of your student’s Greek god tribute project will be a play that demonstrates their god’s personality. To prepare your kids for their work in writing for the stage, we have spent the week practicing writing dialogue and the development of conflict in a scene. We kicked things off by reading a real ancient Greek play, Prometheus Bound, which fit into our ongoing study of the character of Prometheus (we saw him suffering at the Philadelphia Museum of Art). Many of your students caught the drama bug in this moment and pushed to continue working on their dialogue experiments at any free moment. The week culminated in the performance of a few scenes that we have developed during the wring the week.

Along with this work around drama, students also had the opportunity to do some collaborative research on the personalities of their gods. They used text based sources to gather information and pooled their findings within a shared Google doc that they formatted themselves. To supplement this work, we also used a hiking pack to highlight the difference between interesting pieces of information and important ones. JU-D looked at each individual item in the bag (stuff like glow sticks, matches, canteens) and tried to pick the important objects and separate them from the purely interesting ones.

In the agora we analyzed the different methods for creating change in a society. We looked specifically at the way people try to affect change “within the system” and “outside the system.” The goal of this work is to look at different facets of our society and to strategize about the most effective ways to influence the positive direction of our community.

All in all it was an action packed week leading up to our winter break.

A few useful reminders:

Friday folders are not headed home this week but will come home before the break.

Nick and Noelle