JU-D Weekly Note

Dear JU-D Families,

We hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully lucky Friday the 13th. JU-D students forged ahead despite any superstitions this week and pushed towards a strong finish to the year. Ceiling tiles were coming down and being pasted with rich historical information as the last blank piece of our room was filled.

We wrapped up our journey through Greek epics when we completed The Odyssey this week. Students experienced Odysseus as he finally reached his beloved Ithaca and are now grounded in the Homeric tales of adventure and heroism.

This week we launched our Olympic preparation. The Junior Unit was broken up into mixed groups from A, B, C, and D. They began the work of learning about their individual city state. Over the next couple of weeks, JU will assume the identity of a specific city state and will plan an Olympic event, create cheers, speeches, flags, and more. Students are energized by the project and have been bringing loads of excitement to their groups.

Finally, we returned to Awbury Arboretum where students continued a variety of service learning projects designed to increase community engagement, and awareness as well as to cement an understanding of invasive plant species and watersheds. The different projects include a massive removal of invasive species, the identification and marking of native species, and a multi-faceted effort to increase awareness about this unique space.

A piece of useful JU-D information: The Olympic celebration will take place on June 1st. Parents are invited to watch the festivities which will begin around 10:30. We look forward to this end of the year fun!


Noelle and Nick