Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We hope you received your child’s report. If you have questions or are looking for clarification about any information on the report, please contact us.  We want to be sure to keep our lines of communication open.

This week we completed our Friendship Toolboxes.  We added the “Get Help Tool” and the “Moving On Tool.”  At the beginning of kindergarten, many children are most comfortable resolving conflict by getting help from an adult. We teach our students that getting help is an important strategy, but that before getting help they should try to use their other friendship tools independently. If these tools aren’t working they can get help not just from an adult, but from a peer. Our students practice mediating conflict between their peers and learning how to accept help or advice from a friend.   At the end of conflict resolution, the children learn to either shake hands or give each other a high-five and say, “We are moving on!” We explain this tool to the students as making a promise that you will try to “move your heart to a new feeling” rather than remaining angry or frustrated or continuing to talk about the conflict.

We shared our Friendship Tools with our Book Buddies today, and they are looking forward to using them at home with you, as well. (We did make it clear that the Win-Win Solution card is not always an option with a grown-up.  Sometimes you just have to do what your grown-up tells you.)

During Writing Workshop this week, we added the words “am” and “love” to our sight-word list. We are reading lots of books about valentines and friendship, and talking about strategies to help read words.

Our February calendar heavily features counting.  Students count and compare sets of dots to 30. We are also practicing counting by tens, and putting numbers in order to at least 20.  We are also revisiting tally marks and comparing quantities as greater than, less than, or equal.

Please note:

On Tuesday, February 14, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. If your child would like to make/buy valentines for the class, we ask that your child PLEASE BRING 25 VALENTINES signed by your child, BUT NOT LABELED WITH INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS’ NAMES.  It gets very complicated to pass them out if they have names on them. Also, please remember that we are a candy-free school.

 Questions to ask your child this week:

  • What did you write about at Writing Workshop this week?
  • What did you read during “Read to Self?”  How did you read it?
  • Did you use any Friendship Tools this week?  How did they help you?

An Activity to do with your child:

  • Have your child explain how to use each Friendship Tool and use them as needed.

From the school's Safety Committee: Please do not park in NO PARKING areas, especially near the intersection of South and 25th Streets. School buses are unable to make the turn if your car is there.

Have a great weekend,

The Kindergarten Team