Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Exciting happenings this week - each group advocated and voted for the fairy tale they will adapt into a play to perform for you on Thursday, June 1, at 9:00 a.m. We began the process of writing scripts, casting the play, discussing how to handle disappointment, and how to be flexible.  Most children were thoughtfully able to consider more than one character they would be willing to play.  Over the next few week we will practice our lines and talk about how actors make mistakes, and that’s expected and okay. The more one practices, the better one can get.  

We were able to see another performance.  Third graders wrote their own plays based on the idea of “Making a More Fair America,” focused on American history and issues of equality.  Our children were a wonderful audience and noticed many of the elements we have been studying about how to put on a play.

This is the time of year when kindergartners generally become more emotional and have less tolerance for frustration.  They are excited about summer coming, they may be feeling sad about the school year ending, and they may have some feelings about moving up to first grade.  We work to make the transition to first grade easier by spending time with each of the first grade classrooms during Activity Time.  Each of our groups will visit Primary A, B, C and D to help familiarize our students with those classrooms and teachers and get to know some of the first graders who may be their second grade classmates with your child next year.  

In Writing Workshop, we added the word “said” to our sight word list.  We also discussed how authors show dialogue, either with quotation marks or speech bubbles.  Children wrote conversations between two characters using speech bubbles.  

In math this week we played games that reinforce composing numbers from 11-19 by adding the required number of 1s to a 10.  

At The Schuylkill Center we played at Weil House and performed impromptu fairy tale plays in our gorgeous forest setting.  

Some administrative details to note:  

  • Friday, May 19, will be an “Indoor Dismissal” due to EATS set-up in the Garden.  If your child is a 3:00 p.m. pick-up, please come to the Kindergarten porch, and we will bring your child to you (like we do in inclement weather).  The Garden will be filled with volunteers preparing for that evening’s EATS festivities. 
  • If your child has a summer birthday, and you’d like to come in to celebrate by reading a book (we do not share edible treats for birthday celebrations), please let us know so we can schedule time.
  • Thursday, June 1, at 9:00 a.m. will be the Kindergarten Learning Celebration, starting with our Kindergarten Plays in the Garage, followed by a classroom tour and cast party in the Kindergarten rooms.

Questions to ask/activities to do with your child this week:

  • What did you think about the third-grade play?
  • How do you feel about putting on your own play?
  • Play a math game: Using 3x5 cards, write two of every number from 0-5, one on each card.  Turn all of the cards face down.  Each player turns two over to try to make a combination to five.
  • When reading a fiction book together, discuss the characters, setting, problem, and resolution.

Have a wonderful week,

The Kindergarten Team