Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families:

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

Next week, Thursday, June 1, at 9:00 a.m. is the Kindergarten Learning Celebration starting with our Kindergarten Plays in the Garage, followed by a classroom tour and cast party in the Kindergarten rooms.  If you can’t make it, please let us know ASAP so we can be sure to connect your child with another family. Siblings are welcome to join us. 

This week was a busy one!  We made costumes, created scenery, and practiced our lines for our plays. The children are getting excited to perform for you.  It has been wonderful for us to have a focus these last weeks of school.  It is helping to keep the students engaged and invested.  Along with all of our play-related activities, we are doing lots of reading, writing, math and science activities.  

The Mercado was a big hit.  Children ordered food and drinks in Spanish and danced to some Latin beats.  Thanks to all of the parents who volunteered.  

We have not talked too much about the end of school, as it can feel upsetting to the students.  Now that we have 9 days left, we will have many activities to close out the year.  We will talk about how endings can create mixed feelings and how that’s normal.  On Monday, June 5, our students have “Move-Up Day,” when the spend about half an hour before lunch and lunchtime in the Primary Unit classrooms.  The rooms they go to are randomly assigned; each of our kindergarten groups will go to visit a classroom.  Where you child visits may or may not be the classroom s/he will be in next year.  You will get your child’s Primary Unit classroom assignment at the end of the summer.

Next Friday, June 2, we are NOT going to The Schuylkill Center.  It is a K-8th grade Family Circle Field Day.  The children will rotate through a number of fun activities with teachers and their Family Circles.  

In Kindergarten-A a high school senior at Friends Select named Kayla is doing her senior internship in our room for a few afternoons this week and next to learn more about being a teacher. We are enjoying getting to know Kayla and are excited to have her with us.

Questions to ask your child: 

  • What does your costume look like? 
  • How did you make it?
  • Does it look like your original costume design?
  • Did you help with the scenery?  What does it look like?
  • How is your play practice going?  How do you feel about next week’s performance?
  • How was the Mercado?  What fruits did you eat?  How did you ask for them?

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at our Learning Celebration. Enjoy the long weekend.

The Kindergarten Team