Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our classroom for conferences later this week to talk about your child’s life in kindergarten.

This week each class concluded our research for our fall project on beavers and hedgehogs. We also both hosted experts. Kindergarten A welcomed Sam, a KB student, who showed us a log he has that has been gnawed by a beaver. Kindergarten B welcomed a hedgehog breeder who brought many hedgehogs and hoglets for the students to observe, sketch, and even touch! Next week we will begin to help students figure out which part of their newly found expertise they want to represent and how. We will keep you posted about that in the weeks to come.

In mathematics this week we started to focus on the “teens,” as well as began to learn about tally marks. We played games and started a new calendar pattern for November that reinforces tally marks.

To ask your child:

  • What did you write about in your journal?
  • What have your learned about beavers/hedgehogs?
  • Can you sing “El baile de los colores” ("The dance of the colors")? We will have lyrics and a recording in an upcoming blog post!

To do with your child:

  • Write the numbers 1-20 on 3x5 cards. Mix up the numbers and work with your child to put them in order. You can also have your child change the order and have you put them in order (perhaps you can make an error and see if your child can find it). Another variation is to choose one card and have your child tell you the number that comes before or after it.
  • Make cards with tally marks up to ten. Play a matching game like concentration/memory with the 1-10 number cards from the game above. See if you and your child can find the numeral card that matches each tally mark card. 
  • Play a matching game like concentration with uppercase and lowercase letters that you write on 3x5 cards. We have focused on A-S so far.
  • Have your child write uppercase letters in shaving cream on the wall while taking a bath. You can say a word and your child can write the first letter. You can also write the lowercase and s/he writes the uppercase.

See you soon,

The Kindergarten Team