Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Please note: Friday, May 20 will be an “Indoor Dismissal” due to EATS set-up in the garden. If your child is a 3pm pick-up, please come to the kindergarten porch and we will bring your child to you (like we do in inclement weather). The garden will be filled with volunteers preparing for that evening’s EATS festivities.

Another week full of play-related events and activities! We welcomed actor and director Liz Fredette, who runs TPS’s drama club and directed the performance we all saw of Really Rosie. She led us through some acting exercising and talked about what it’s like to direct. We learned how important it can be for a director to listen to her actors, and vice versa. Rick Jacobsen, TPS Art teacher who helps design and create sets with Middle Schoolers for their Shakespeare Festival, showed us some props and sets. We learned that a set helps to create the mood and background of a play. Rick also stressed that sets must be planned and discussed carefully before jumping in to make one. In Kindergarten-B, Sotiria Koui, Nephele’s mom, taught us about the origins of theater in ancient Greece. The kids enjoyed seeing various pictures and videos, as well as a model. All of kindergarten spent time this week answering our initial questions about how to put on a play. Please join us on Thursday, June 2 at 1:15pm for the Kindergarten Learning Celebration starting with our Kindergarten Plays in the Garage and followed by a classroom tour and cast party in the kindergarten rooms.

Writing Workshop was also part of our project work this week as we wrote bios for ourselves for Kindergarten Plays’ program. We looked carefully at the programs we have from The Stinky Cheese Man, had our photos taken, and then wrote a few facts about ourselves. During a journal-writing time, We added the word “day” to our sight-word lists.

In mathematics this week we focused on the idea that shapes can fit together to create larger shapes - that six triangles, two trapezoids, three rhombuses, and other combinations of those shapes can all equal one hexagon!

During Seed to Table we continued our study of plant lifecycles and anatomy by learning about stems and leaves. We discussed how one always need check with a teacher or grownup before eating a plant, even if it has leaves that look like “lemon clover” (wood sorrel) or one of your other favorite garden snacks. And no study of leaves and stems would be complete without a chance to walk around eating many of the edible stems and leaves that the children planted from seed!

Due to the rainy weather, we didn’t go to the Schuylkill Center today. We stayed at school, had Family Circle, and engaged in lots of fun, meaningful activities.

Questions to ask/activities to do with your child this week:

  • What did you learn from Rick about sets?
  • What did you learn from Liz, the director?
  • What are some different shapes you can put together to make a hexagon?
  • What information did you write to go along with your “headshot?”
  • How does a plant make food for itself?
  • Play a math game - count up to 100 together, taking turns to count each number.
  • While you are eating a meal together, discuss if any of the vegetables on your plate are stems or leaves. Look carefully at other parts of plants you may be eating.

Enjoy the weekend, 

The Kindergarten Team