Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week we invited “acting experts” into our classroom.  Stella’s dad, Seth, visited Kindergarten A and Charlie’s dad, Tony, visited Kindergarten B.  We learned some new acting games, learned about scripts and headshots, and talked about how to use our body, face and voice to act.  Both experts shared how the greatest skill in acting is actually not the talking, but the importance of LISTENING to each other both on and off stage, and how you get better and better with practice.  

We spent time this week brainstorming how to change our loft spaces into classroom theaters.  After making a list of all of the parts of a theater we noticed on our trip last week, Children sketched their ideas and collaborated to create kindergarten theaters.  There are stages, curtains, dressing rooms, costume areas, ticket booths, light and sound boards.  We are still working on concession stands and some other elements.  These spaces are available to play in during Activity Time!

We added the words “me” and “my” to our sight-word lists and used them during Writing Workshop.  We have now also spent time reviewing and focusing on all of the short vowel sounds.  As they are ready, children are being encouraged to represent words in their writing with at least a beginning, middle and ending letter.

In mathematics this week we reinforcing the idea that “teens” are “ten and some more,” and twenties are “twenty and some more” and how that pattern applies to any decade (30s, 40s, 50s). We did this through playing an addition game that also reinforced numeral recognition of teens and twenties. 

A few calendar notes:

  • Tuesday, April 26 - Kindergarten Trip to the Arden Theater to see “The Stinky Cheese Man.”  
  • Thursday, April 28 - 5-6pm - Move Up Night for Parents of Next Year’s First Graders (believe it or not, that’s you!) - come meet the Primary Unit (first and second grade teachers) and learn about what to expect for your child as they enter first grade.
  • Friday, April 29  - Back to The Schuylkill Center
  • Thursday, June 2, 1:15pm - Please join us for the Kindergarten Learning Celebration starting with our Kindergarten Plays in the Garage, followed by a classroom tour and cast party in the Kindergarten rooms.

Questions to ask you child this week:

  • How did you help to turn your loft into a theater?  
  • How was the loft changed?  What does the kindergarten theater look like?
  • What did you learn from the “acting expert” who visited your classroom?

Here's a math game you can play.  On 3x5 cards write the numbers 10 and 20.  Put them in one pile.  In another pile write the numbers 1-9.  Take turns choosing two cards and add them up.  You can play this with playing cards as well, make all the face-cards value 10.   Talk about your strategies for solving these addition problems.

Enjoy spring!

The Kindergarten Team