Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This is the time of year of we have lots of calendar reminders:

  • Thursday, April 14  - Field Trip to Old Academy Players Community Theater 
  • Friday, April 15 - Grandparents’ and Grandfriends' Day.   We will NOT be going to The Schuylkill Center. We look forward to welcoming your children’s grandparents and friends to join us for a morning to share life in kindergarten.  Often children leave with their guests at the end of Grandparents’ Day, around noon.  If your child is leaving early, please let us know.  
  • Friday, April 22 - No School - In-service for teachers, special ASEP program available
  • Thursday, April 28 - 5-6pm - Move Up Night for Parents of Next Year’s First Graders (believe it or not, that’s you!) - come meet the Primary Unit (first and second-grade teachers) and learn about what to expect for your child as they enter first grade.
  • Friday, April 29  - Back to The Schuylkill Center
  • Thursday, May 26:  1-3 pm Spanish Mercado (for students only) - students get to celebrate in a Spanish Market, ordering fruit and treats in Spanish while listening to Spanish music and dancing some traditional Spanish dances.  

The children and teachers were happy to get back together this week after Spring Break.  One of the first things students were asking upon their return was, “What are we studying now?!”  Early this week we introduced our new project to much excitement -  how to put on a play!  We chose this study for a number of reasons:  putting on a play requires a lot of cooperation, and learning how to function well together is an important kindergarten (and life) skill that requires thoughtful negotiation and flexibility. 

The children were also excited to see the 8th grade perform The Taming of the Shrew last month, and the drama club’s performance of Really Rosie before Spring Break.  So far, we have discussed our previous experiences and understandings about plays.  Over the next months, we will delve deeply into researching and learning about all of the many jobs required to put on a successful show. 

One more calendar item:  Thursday, June 2 will be our Kindergarten Plays and Learning Celebration at 1:15pm.  Please join us in “The Garage” for a star-studded affair, as both kindergarten classes entertain you.  Following the plays, we will go into the kindergarten classrooms for a cast party/Learning Celebration as your child shows you all that we have been learning about theaters, acting and how to put on a play.  The Celebration will end at the end of the school day at 3pm.

If you are an “expert” about anything related to putting on a play (acting, costume design, directing,  lighting, make-up, etc) and are willing to come chat with our class about your expertise, please email your child’s teachers to set up a time for you to visit.  Next Thursday we will be doing some research about putting on a play as we visit the Old Academy Players Community Theater in East Falls. 

We returned to our regular routines of Writing Workshop where we added the word “and” to our word wall.  We also focused on the short o sound, as in “octopus.”  

April began a new calendar pattern that has to do with different ways of measuring - ways to measure time, weight, temperature and length.  This week our focus has been on how to measure length.  We read How Big Is A Foot? by Rolff Myllen, which introduces the idea of why standard measures are important - that if you measure something with your actual foot, it may not be the same measurement compared to someone else’s foot.   We also began to talk more about the idea of estimation and when estimates mights be used.

Seed to Table classes are making full use of the garden as the focus becomes the science of plants.  Many sprouts and flowers are coming up from seeds and bulbs planted by our kindergartners.   Each child drew observations s/he made about changes s/he noticed in the garden after going on a silent garden tour to see, smell and taste all that’s new.  

Today we went back to The Schuylkill Center.  It was fun, albeit a little cold.  We acquainted ourselves with a new area called Weil House, where children built forts out of branches, walked on log balance beams, dug for worms and other creatures, and had a wonderful time exploring nature.  

Questions to ask/Activities to do with your child:

  • How do you feel about your “putting on a play” study?
  • Who were you kind to this week?
  • Who was kind to you?
  • Why do we need a standard measure?  Why can’t we all just measure things with out own feet?
  • Look around your house for things that measure length, weight, temperature or volume.  Point those things out as you are using them.
  • Discuss any plays or performances you may have seen together.  What do you think the jobs might have been to make that play happen?  How did people have to cooperate to make the play work?

Have a great weekend,

The Kindergarten Team