Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Our project work is taking off! In both classrooms children spent time illustrating and dictating what they think they know about squirrels (in Jonah, Elizabeth and Marisa’s room) or mice (in Katie, Rachel and Melissa’s room). We then discussed what we were wondering about these creatures and talked about the difference between a question and a comment. Each class then made a list of questions. We spent time talking about how we could find the answers to the questions - how can we research? After the students decided that books are a good resource for research, we “read the pictures” of some nonfiction books to see what we could learn. We will “read the words” of these books as we get further into our research. You may have lots of discussion about squirrels and mice this weekend at home.

At The Schuylkill Center this week we visited the Pine Plantation to see if we could find evidence of mice or squirrels and to observe either of those creatures in their natural habitats.

This week we also talked about the third way we read a book - the one we adults are most familiar with - by reading the words. Children spent time practicing the three ways to read a book: read the pictures, retell a story, or read the words.

In mathematics, we have focused on making sense of our growing October calendar pattern of autumn leaves. It incorporates three patterns in one: directionality (up, down, left, right), color (the colors repeat every four days), and increase in number (every four days the pattern grows by one more leaf). We are also practicing counting by tens and counting backwards and forwards to 20 beginning at any number within 0-20. We are also continuing to practice numeral writing.

In Seed to Table this week, Nurse Sarah joined us to talk about the importance of eating healthy foods. Many of the students tried new healthy foods from our garden, including green peppers and green beans.

A few calendar items:

  • Next Friday, October 23 we will not be going to The Schuylkill Center. Instead, we will participate in a Kindergarten-8th Grade Family Circle event. We will give you more details about the day in next week’s note.
  • Friday, October 30 will be our Halloween Parade. Children may come to school in costume, if they choose. We will take part in a parade at 8:30 am, after we get settled in our classroom. We will march around the garden, and parents are welcome to watch. Please bring a change of clothes so that after the festivities, costumes can be safely stored in cubbies for future celebrating. If your family does not celebrate Halloween, please email us and we will be sure your child participates in a fun alternate activity.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What is research?
  • What are you wondering about squirrels/mice and how might you research the answer?
  • What is your favorite way to read a book?

Activities to do with your child:

  • Retell a book together.
  • Play counting games together - ask your child to practice counting forward or backwards from any number between 0-20 (ex: Let’s count up starting with 13 - 13, 14, 15, 16…. or Let’s count backwards starting with 8 - 8, 7, 6 ….etc.) Your child could ask you as well - perhaps you can make a mistake and see if your child can figure out what your mistake is. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, etc.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Kindergarten Team