Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

It has been an exciting week in kindergarten! We are starting to think about what we want to study based on the idea of “unraveling the mysteries of how things work.” We spent time this week thinking a lot about what we would like to better understand. Children brainstormed ideas, which range from how magnets work, to why people exist now but dinosaurs don’t, to how hair grows, to how chairs are made. Our plan is to focus not only on how this item or concept works, but also to consider how people discovered how it works. We will think about notions of failures and success, perseverance, flexibility, and learning from mistakes. The excitement in both classrooms is palpable! Next week the children will advocate and vote for what they would like to study. We will keep you posted!

In Writing Workshop this week we began writing letters. We have added the words “to” and “from” to our word walls. Students have been very excited to write to one another and to receive letters in their “mailboxes” in each classroom’s “post office.” We have discussed how a person needs to write a letter in order to receive one. It is a joy to see how excited the children are to write and receive letters. Some children are writing a number of sentences, other children are drawing each other pictures.

In mathematics this week our focus has been on counting by 2s, looking at bicycle wheels and thinking about how many wheels one would have depending on the number of bikes (some children were wondering how bicycles work!). This is the beginning of thinking about the concepts of multiplication. We also worked on some addition story problems to ten. For example, if you have four pigs and three more come over, how many do you have all together?

We celebrated Valentine’s Day today by decorating bags to hold all of the Valentine cards the children distributed to one another. We read a number of books about friendship and love. We were also part of the audience for the traditional annual TPS Valentine’s Day Talent Show. Grades 1-8 participate, if they choose, and many of our children are starting to think about acts they want to do next year!

A reminder that there is a special ASEP program tomorrow, Friday, February 12 while the teachers have an in-service day. There is no school on Monday, February 15 in celebration of President’s Day. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

One more quick thing, just a reminder that our kindergarten classroom rule is that toys from home should only come into the classroom as comfort objects, that can come out for a snuggle. Other toys from home need to stay home or in cubbies. Thanks.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What did you think of the talent show? What act might you want to do next year?
  • To whom did you write letters? Who wrote to you?
  • What ideas do you have for the new study? About what are you wondering how it works?

Activities to do with your child:

  • Help your child write and mail a letter to a friend or relative. Perhaps s/he can begin a pen-pal relationship. Or you and your child can write notes to one another in a journal.
  • Make up some addition story problems for one another based on something you are doing. For example, if you eat three chicken tenders, and then two more, how many did you eat all together? If I gave you six kisses on Valentine’s Day, how many more do I need to give you to get to ten?

Have a lovely weekend,

The Kindergarten Team