Kindergarten Weekly Note

Dear Kindergarten Families,

It was a treat to be together after an unexpected long weekend. This week we learned about and practiced using our next Friendship Tool, The Win-Win-Solution Card. This tool teaches children how to engage in perspective taking as well as how to be flexible with their friends. Through practicing negotiating win-win solutions, children learn how to brainstorm multiple solutions to problems and how to reach a compromise which is satisfactory to everyone. Before beginning to use this tool with a friend, the children perform our Flexibility Chant, “it’s not exactly what I want, but it’s still okay!”

During Writing Workshop this week, we added the word “was” to our sight word list on our Word Wall. We read together and independently, wrote in our journals, and focused on the letters “v” and “w.”

Two Upcoming Items:

Valentine’s Day: Thursday, February 11 (there is no school on February 12 for an in-service day) we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in kindergarten. If your child would like to make/buy valentine’s for the class we ask that your child PLEASE BRING 26 VALENTINES signed by your child, BUT NOT LABELED WITH INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS’ NAMES. It gets very complicated to pass them out, if they have names on them. Also, a reminder that we are a “candy-free” school.

Progress Reports: We are currently working on our reports for your children. You should be receiving your child’s report next week. This is a time for us to communicate with you how your child is growing and developing in kindergarten, both academically and socially. We are using a new format this year for the first time where we have a list of each of our expectations, as well as a narrative component where we elaborate on the list. Your child can receive one of four results for each expectation. This is the way the kindergarten teachers have interpreted the scale:

Identified Area of Concern: Your child needs small-group or individual time with learning resources to help reinforce this skill. Because we have not yet had children work one-on-one with learning specialists, no child in kindergarten will receive this result in this first report.

Progressing with Support: Your child needs support reaching the expectation. Your child may benefit from small-group or individual time with learning resources to help reinforce this skill.

Working Towards Independence: Your child has reached the expectation and is being challenged to apply that skill independently.

Independently/Consistently: Your child consistently exceeds the expectation and is being challenged to extend his/her thinking, understanding and application of this skill.

We recognize that children aren’t easy to put onto a scale. We want to make clear to you that this scale is meant to provide clarity regarding your child’s growth. This report should not worry you. If you feel worried at all or if you have any questions about your child’s report, please email his/her teacher, and we can set up a time to talk.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Kindergarten Team