6th Grade Weekly Notes

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

It was wonderful to be with those of you who made it to Back-to-School Night. We look forward to seeing you again at conferences.

Throughout the year, the 6th graders study Africa while turning a reflective lens on themselves. For examples, students recently read about the exotic customs that the Nacirema people perform. Students performed some of these strange behaviors and came to the conclusion that the Nacirema people were insane. After a discussion of the rituals, students discovered that they were the Nacirema people. "Americans" spelled backwards is Nacirema! The rituals that students read were regular everyday activities, but they were written in an exotic fashion. They wrote their own Nacirema rituals and shared them on Thursday.

In math, students have been working on word problems and becoming resilient problem solvers. They have been writing their mathematical thinking process using specific details. Stay tuned; during this week your child will be discussing a math problem about salaries with you and writing about the conversation. This is a challenging task, and we will continue to practice this skill throughout the year.

6th Grade Reminders:

  • Next week marks the beginning of Fall Community Service jobs. (Students must perform community service at least two of the three trimesters.)
  • No school on Friday 9/30 or Monday 10/3

Questions to ask your child:

  • Do you have a community service job for the fall? Where and when is it?
  • What was the activity that you wrote your Nacirema about?
  • What does the quotient represent in a division problem?

The 6th grade team

Jess, Katrina, Mike, and Terry