6th Grade Weekly Note

Hello, 6th Grade Parents,

What a week it was! It began with a visit to the Creative Africa exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and ended with preparations for a courtroom drama connected to Tuck Everlasting. In the middle, we experienced the TPS 6th grade rite of passage overnight trip to Camp Dark Waters. Students worked individually on expanding their comfort zones by scaling ropes high in the trees. By working with their peers to move wooden structures across a field, they exercised their teamwork skills. Finally, we all reflected on our human needs of safety, belonging, confidence, and fun, and how we all have areas that can trip us up and/or inspire us to greatness. 

During our trip, we also reflected on our declarations for the year and checked in with how we are upholding the Middle School social contract:

  • Accept others as they are. 
  • Respect TPS as a learning environment. 
  • Be responsible.
  • Have a growth mindset. 
  • Step out of your comfort zone.

We will return to these guidelines throughout the year to help us all achieve our goals and declarations for this year.

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • What was one activity you enjoyed at Camp Dark Waters?
  • What job did you have on the trip?
  • What was the most surprising part of the Creative Africa exhibit?
  • What is your role in the Tuck Trial?

Enjoy your weekend,

Katrina, Mike, Terry, and Jess