6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Families.

The smell of pine was in the air in the 6th grade space this week. Students designed and conducted experiments to test the strength of original recipe glues they made from pine pitch collected last week at The Schuylkill Center.  This is all part of our investigations into human-plant connections. On the African side of this theme, your children have been continuing their study of chocolate.  Through role playing, reading, and calculating various related percentages, 6th graders are considering their buying choices in terms of fair and free trade chocolate. Ask your child about the details.

Other questions to ask your child:

  • How did you control the variables in your experiment?
  • What percentage do you think is a fair tip at a restaurant? (We didn't yet have this conversation, but it would be interesting to hear what they say, given our work in math.)
  • What was it like for you to process cacao seeds?
  • Do you think that John Heinz Wildlife Refuge and the surrounding area is a good example of balancing land conservation and development?

We look forward to seeing you at conferences.

The 6th Grade Team