6th Grade Weekly Note

Hello, 6th Grade Families! 

Although it was a short week, it was full of exciting topics and learning. In math, students worked in teams to develop a proposal for how to create a giant timeline in our stairwell. Teams figured out how to fit events from 200,000 BCE to current day. Each team developed different scales and incorporated various technological features to present their proposals on Thursday or Friday. The giant timeline will be used to hang multiple assignments that will be created throughout the semester.

In language arts, students are still in the poetry unit. Students have learned about various types of poems and different devices to include in poetry. This week 6th graders took their first crack at writing their own poetry. Some poems were free choice, others were about being an American, and soon they will write a poem about their identity. Their favorite poems will be shared next week at our Poetry Day, where we will present to other grades. 

Questions to ask your 6th grade child:

  • What was your team's proposal for the timeline hallway project? What team won?
  • Do you prefer free verse poetry or more structured poetry?
  • What is a tip that you learned about how to use microscopes?
  • What happened at the Berlin Conference, and how did it affect African countries?


On Tuesday, January 24, we will eat lunch at a local Ethiopian restaurant and explore a couple other West Philadelphia locations connected to Africa. We will walk to Abyssinia, located on 45th and Locust. There will be no need to bring a lunch to school that day; however, if a student is concerned about liking the food, s/he may bring a lunch to eat after we return. The restaurant has told us that all of their entree dishes are nut-free, although there are nuts in the desserts (we will not be eating dessert there). There will be vegetarian options available. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 6th Grade Team