6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Whew, we made it through our first week back! This week we embarked on our second trimester. Throughout the next two months we will be dedicated to answering the question, "How do others define us?" Students will explore this question through multiple forums, with special attention to how Africa and Africans have been defined by outsiders. In addition, students will have the opportunity to build on the countries they created and shared in the fall.

We began the new year looking at our goals and declarations. Students also reflected on their strengths and areas for growth from the first trimester. This reflection process, which included finding work samples to showcase their abilities, will be useful practice for when they will be leading their second trimester conference.

On Tuesday we took a trip to the Penn Museum. Students were able to explore ancient Egyptian artifacts and learn about many aspects of African culture. That day, the sixth grade also looked at a unique form of calculating: ancient Egyptian Math. The students learned how the Egyptian system worked.

In language arts we started a unit on poetry by looking at how poetry has influenced our lives since early childhood, through nursery rhymes, sonnets, haiku, free verse, and song lyrics. We will begin reading Home of the Brave, a book of poems about the experience of the Sudanese Lost Boys' journey of living in America.

The 6th grade collected the most pet food for Student Council's Helping Hands collection this fall; therefore, they won a pizza party!  Pizza (including a gluten-free option) and lemonade will be served this coming Wednesday, January 11.  Families can reach out to Nurse Sara ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Questions to ask your 6th grade child:

  • What was an interesting artifact you saw at the Penn Museum?
  • What is a new goal you have for the 2nd Trimester?
  • What is a strength you identified from reflecting on the fall trimester? What example do you have from classwork, homework, or a project? 
  • What was your favorite type of poetry you read? (ex. sonnet, free verse, haiku, nursery rhymes)

Have a great weekend,

Mike, Jess, Katrina, and Terry