6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

This week we turned the lens from how others have impacted Africa to how Africa has impacted the rest of the world. Specifically we've spotlighted how capoeira incorporated aspects of African culture and was used to resist oppression in Brazil. We interviewed Michael Hanchard, a professor of Africana Studies at Penn, about social movements in Brazil and compared them with those in the US. All of this is in preparation for students' writing the Big Idea Paper, an essay in which a thesis about Africa and the influence of others is supported by detailed examples. 

Sixth graders also planned an Encuentro this week. They highlighted the importance of taking action to influence electronics companies to avoid conflict minerals. Check out the website they produced:


Questions to ask your 6th grade student:

  • What happens to the perimeter of a fixed area rectangle when the shape becomes elongated?
  • What does the DNA from your epithelial cheek cell look like?
  • Do you think capoeira is a dance, a fight, or a lifestyle?

Enjoy the weekend,

The 6th Grade Team