6th Grade Weekly Note

Hello 6th Grade Families,

Our primary endeavor this week has been crafting Big Idea Papers. After studying each of our four spotlights on Africa, students developed big ideas, or thesis statements, about the legacy and influence of outsiders on the continent, and how Africa has, in turn, influenced the rest of the world. This process captures the work we have been doing all semester. To support their writing, we have learned about powerful and engaging introductions, smooth transitions, and crafting logical paragraphs. We are excited with the effort students have given and the deep and provocative ideas they are working on. Keep an eye out for their finished products!

We have also spent time exploring the hidden world of cells in science, ways to further spread awareness of the problems with using conflict minerals in theme, and measuring areas and volume in math. 

Questions to ask your child:

  • What is your hook for your big idea paper introduction?
  • What possible presidential executive order relates to conflict minerals?
  • Why do cells look different from each other under a microscope?

Have great weekend,

The 6th Grade Team