6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Our investigation into "How do we define ourselves?" has begun. We spotlighted Ghana and the country's journey to independence. They were the first African nation to gain indolence from their European colonizer. The students will create a graphic short story of their CYOC’s independence. In language arts we began a new novel that is comprised of eight short stories told by South African youth during apartheid. We have looked at how plot develops with the aid of story arcs, which we utilized in reading a graphic short story.

We traveled to Smith Playground on Tuesday and enjoyed the natural playscape of the woods and the playground, the perfect setting to begin our investigations on the importance of play as a formative process in growing up. Students played, reflected on the experience by interviewing a partner, and created categories for the types of play in which they engaged.

In math the students began a new unit in the study of ratios. They made comparisons in real life scenarios. The students will recall the fraction decimal percent unit to be able to move fluidly between those concepts and ratios.

Parent reminder: Now that we have began going back into the woods, please make sure your child checks for ticks on Tuesday evenings (and other evenings, as well).

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • What was the moment of play you described to a partner?
  • How did your CYOC become independent?
  • What has been the most interesting part of the plot in one of the stories you read in Out of Bounds?

Enjoy the weekend,

The 6th Grade Team