6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Despite mornings full of ERB testing, we have barely slowed down. Your child has had many opportunities to consider his/her place in the world. Teams of 6th graders presented micro-history projects in which they decided on a creative way to tell the history of an independence movement through one event or person. Through memoir writing, students explored their own history of play. Concurrently their independent research has led them to connections between their own play today and play movements over the last 150 years.

Questions to ask your 6th grade student:

  • How do you tie a trucker's knot?
  • What questions do you have about the backpacking trip?
  • What is unique about writing in the format of a memoir?
  • How did your micro-history presentation go?

Reminder to parents whose children are in the Lobbying Intensive: Please send in the permission slip for the trip to Harrisburg on May 24.

Have a good weekend,

The 6th Grade Team