6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

We began our week with a spotlight on language in Uganda. We had a guest speaker, Ms. Annette Oyana. She grew up in eastern Uganda and was a professor who trained teachers. The students interviewed her about her experience with language and culture in Uganda, and the complexity of having such diversity in language and how that affects Africans.

We wrapped up our poetry unit with the “They think / I AM” Poetry Show. Students identified a poem written by another that answers the question, “How do others see me?” They then reflected and wrote a poem that answers the question, “How do I see myself?” Visitors to our show were Junior Unit students who were able to see their older peers share deep and powerful poems through spoken performances, as well as in a hanging poetry gallery.

In math, students worked with area and perimeter and have begun to develop algorithms and equations to accurately express trends they identify as being related to both factors. They used this knowledge to graph various data points on a coordinate plane. The 6th graders thought critically to connect the physical dimensions to the patterns shown in the graph. Students spent the week in science completing their research on key moments in the history of human migration. Then, zooming in from the global level to the make up of individual cells, students were able to tinker with the nature of our chromosomes.

Questions to ask your 6th grade child:

  • How does language affect culture in Uganda?
  • Given a fixed area of 100, what are the dimensions of the rectangle with the smallest perimeter?
  • What was your favorite line or phrase from your poem?

Have a great weekend!

6th Grade Team