6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

This week your child began to put together the culminating work for the first trimester: The Museum of Biome Adaptations.

*IMPORTANT REMINDER - the 6th grade Museum of Biome Adaptations will take place immediately after the Winter Concert (approximately 10:15) on Wednesday, December 14. Mark your calendars. *

On Tuesday, we visited the Academy of Natural Sciences to study how dioramas are made and perhaps learn some techniques that can be used in our scaled down versions.

Other units are coming to a close. Your child made the last trades in our introduction to algebra and wrote final equations for the value of cowry shells, stickers, mints, and bubbles relative to each other. In LA, we are finishing the book Fever.

Questions to ask your 6th grade student:

  • Why do you think a paper clip can sit on top of the surface of water? Why? Why?
  • What was left in your bag at the end of the trading unit? What does this have to do with algebra?
  • What is the connection between the book Fever 1793 and water treatment in Philadelphia.
  • What materials will you use for your diorama?


        Michael Friedman
        MIddle School Teacher