6th Grade Weekly Note

May 26, 2015

Dear Sixth Grade Parents,

What an end to the year for the sixth grade! TED Talks this week have allowed students to directly answer our trimester’s essential question, How do we define ourselves? These TED Talk–style presentation include research, data, and images. As an audience, we have witnessed over fifty of our peers examine themselves and bravely take ownership of their growth as learners and people.

This week also marks the completion of our short stories; we worked on edits and made connections between the hero’s journey often found in short stories and students' own backpacking hero’s journey on the Appalachian Trail. In math we played with decimals and how they can be manipulated to ultimately understand the world. We were also able to observe TPS preschool students at Smith Playground and notice how they play in different environments. We also continued our preparations for our nature play moments presentation (details in final paragraph below).

Announcements: Eleanor Davis-Diver needs magnets for a science experiment that she is doing at home. Any kinds of magnet will do, from refrigerator magnets to neodymium. Please bring in any magnets that you're willing to contribute; donation boxes will be available in units next week.

Save the date: Rite of Passage Night: Thursday, June 2, 5:30.

Go Play...In The Woods: A Presentation of Play Sites and Ideas
Come learn about play from those who know best - kids! Date: Tuesday, June 7, 10:30 - 12:30 Location: Smith Memorial Playground. Smith Memorial Playground and DVAEYC have plans to start an Urban Nature Preschool at Smith. The Philadelphia School's 6th grade students have been studying play this year: their own play, as well as that of TPS preschoolers and preschoolers at the SCEE Nature Preschool. Working in the woods at Smith, our students have developed ideas about where nature play might happen there and how Smith's Urban Nature Preschoolers might eventually engage with their woodland space. At the "Go Play...In the Woods!" event, TPS 6th graders will share their ideas with parents and administrators who are developing the nature preschool. Each group of students will share their ideas about the value of play and take visitors on a tour of the inspiring play sites in the woods that nature has provided and they have discovered. See you there, if you can make it!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Katrina, Michael, Jess & Terry