6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Throughout the year, the 6th grade studies Africa while turning a reflective lens on themselves. On Thursday, students read exotic customs that the Nacirema people perform. Students performed various strange behaviors and came to the conclusion that they Nacirema people we insane. After a discussion of the rituals, students discovered that they were the Nacirema people. Americans spelled backwards is Nacirema. The rituals that students read were regular every day activities, but were written in an exotic fashion. Students will begin the process of exoticising an activity that they perform every day over the weekend.

In math, students have been working on word problems and becoming resilient problem solvers. The 6th graders have been writing their mathematical thinking process using specific details. Over the weekend, your child will be discussing a math problem about salaries with you and writing about the conversation. This is a challenging task, and we will continue to practice this skill throughout the year.

We are wrapping up our investigation of themes in The Giver. This week we discussed how Rites of Passage in the book are similar and different from such events our culture. Also, your child inferred how Jonas wanted his generation to change the society in which he lived. Each student was challenged to think about how he/she wants this generation to be defined in our world.

We hope that all of you have received the letter that we sent home with your children on Thursday. We'd like to hear from you about your hopes, fears, and questions about the year. There is an update to the letter - Back To School Night is Tuesday, October 6 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. We hope this clears up any confusion.

Please remind your child that the Fall Community Service forms are due on Tuesday, September 22.

Questions to ask your 6th grade student:

  • How does the pattern in the Stair Problem grow?
  • Describe one exotic ritual that Nacirema perform.
  • What was your creation for your representation of science?
  • How do you hope the world is different when you are an adult?


Katrina, Terry, Mike, and Jess