6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Families,

We began our week by learning the story of a young Maasai woman from Kenya, Kakenya Ntaiya. Against expectations, she resisted her culture’s path for girls and women: forced marriage and female genital mutilation. As a high school student, Kakenya negotiated with her father; she would go through the traditional rite of passage of female circumcision only if she was able to continue to pursue education. It was after she left her village that she realized that she, and all other women, had inherent rights that this tradition violated. She founded a primary boarding school that gives space for Maasai girls to learn and define their own future, and 6th graders have been tasked with creating their own schools for their Create Your Own Country that match the culture and values of its people, with Kakenya as inspiration.

In science, we continue to explore the nature of play, by observing young TPS students play, and by creating play experiments that will unearth principles of human behavior. In math, students are working with manipulating fractions with multiplication and division. While in LA, students have begun the process of writing short stories. Our work (and play) so far has centered around building elaborate and well thought out main characters and settings. 

Upcoming Events:

May 19 & 20: 6th grade overnight backpacking trip (more details to follow).
June 2: 6th Grade Rite of Passage Night (more details to follow).

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • How did Kakenya Ntaiya overcome the way she was defined by others?
  • What is your play experiment?
  • Why do you use the term "simplifying fractions" instead of "reducing fractions"?
  • What is the premise of your short story?

Have a wonderful weekend!

The 6th Grade Team