6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Families,

We spent the majority of our week preparing for our annual backpacking trip. On Tuesday, students learned about the various equipment that we would need on the trip. Students also learned how to pack a backpack neatly and how to keep their belongings dry. Fitting all of their clothes and equipment in their bags was a difficult task for many students!

On Thursday, the 6th graders embarked on a trip to the Appalachian Trail. The group hiked uphill for 3.5 miles and set up their tarps at the campsite. Students worked as teams to help each other make it to the top and help set their team gear up correctly. The campsite is a close walk to Sunfish Pond, which provided a beautiful backdrop for a group dinner. After a full day of activities, students slept outside in nature and enjoyed a much easier hike back down to the base.

Important Date Reminder! (your child will receive a paper invitation on Monday with additional details):

~~Rite of Passage Evening. The theme of 6th grade is Africa. We organize various facets of the curriculum around ideas and activities related to initiation and rites of passage. This culminates in a celebratory evening of music, dancing, and reflections about lessons learned throughout the year. The 6th grade Rite of Passage evening will be on Thursday, June 2 at 5:30 pm. All parents, siblings, and elders are invited to this very special occasion.

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • What was the most difficult part of the camping trip?
  • What team gear did you have to pack?
  • How many hours of sleep did you get on Thursday night?
  • How did you character change over the course of your short story?

Have a restful weekend,

The 6th Grade Team