6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

This week we revisited Decisions and focused on gender and identity. The students had a discussion about societal expectations and stereotypes for girls and boys. We did a dot activity showing the difficulty in placing people in boxes based on gender.

We traveled to Smith Playground on Tuesday and enjoyed the natural playscape of the woods and the playground, the perfect setting to begin our investigations on the importance of play as a formative process in growing up. Students played, reflected on the experience by interviewing a partner, and created categories for the types of play in which they engaged.

We ended the week with a TPS-wide trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Each family circle participated in a mystery tour lead by a museum educator. The students searched for clues, sketched, made collages, and wrote about artwork they observed.

Questions to ask your child?

  • What is your favorite type of play at the Smith Playground?
  • What was the dot activity during Decisions? How did it connect to the bathroom symbols?
  • Describe one of the paintings you saw at the art museum and why was it important in solving your mystery.

Have a great weekend,

6th Grade Team