6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Our investigation into "How do we define ourselves?" has begun. We spotlighted South Africa's process of redefining itself in its struggle to repair the damage of apartheid. Closer to home, 6th graders took detailed observations of preschoolers in our ongoing investigation of the importance of play in defining one's self. On the other end of age spectrum, we took oral histories of grandparents in order to get an idea of how play has changed over the generations.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new and improved 6th Grade Library! We have replaced many of our old books, which were largely geared to white students. We purchased almost 150 new books, and the majority were ordered with a lens of diversity. New books include protagonists of color and authors of color, and several deal with the topics of gender and identity. The students seemed extremely excited about these new books, so please encourage them to discuss what they are reading with you!

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • How is your play similar and different from the play of previous generations?
  • Why is the area of a triangle 1/2 b X h?
  • How does America's struggle for racial equity compare with that of South Africa?

The 6th Grade Team