6th Grade Weekly Note

October 23, 2015

Greetings, 6th Grade Parents!

The sixth grade spent this week with chocolate, morality, and percentages on our mind. Our spotlight focused on the cacao and the process that transforms a bitter tasting nut into delicious chocolate. By looking at how plants are used for the benefit of humans and the impact of their cultivation, we explored ideas about what is the right balance between the benefits and costs to society and the world. In particular, we examined the lives of cacao farmers and how they have empowered themselves by working in collectives for organize production and distribution of chocolate, while benefiting their own families and communities.

In science, we took a look, a microscopic look, at how adaptations allow plants to survive and work within the water cycle. The basics of experimentation were considered, while using microscopes to examine roots, xylem and leaves to determine why certain adaptations prove useful. We also made glue from natural materials found in the Schuylkill Center Pine Plantation.

Math this week focused closely on percentages and the understanding of why fractions and percentages can be learned and used to understand the world around us. Students’ chocolate preferences were recorded and used as data to determine overall class opinions.

In language arts we began preparations for the live action theater to be performed next week: The Trial of Mae Tuck. Students have roles to embody and have begun research and preparations for next week’s trial. Passages and quotations will be used to convince the unbiased jury of each side’s position. The proceedings include the media, courtroom artists, and even activists. Keep an eye out for trial coverage in The Town of Treegap’s website.

Remember that 6th Grade Conferences are quickly coming up. If you have not already done so, please sign up for a time using the links from two weeks ago (see posts below).

Questions to ask your 6th grade child:

  • Do plant leaves speed up the process of transpiration?
  • What is your favorite type of chocolate?
  • 15 out of 40 is what percent?
  • Will the jury find Mae guilty of murder or kidnapping?

Have a great weekend,

Mike, Jess, Katrina and Terry