6th Grade Weekly Note

September 9, 2016

Dear 6th grade parents,

Greetings! We have enjoyed getting to know your child over the past few days and are excited about the year ahead. This week, students learned and practiced important 6th grade routines. We have also started reading and analyzing The Giver. This weekend, discuss with your child her/his strengths and weaknesses.

Your child's homework is listed on a shared googledoc. Feel free to check it with your child.

Next Tuesday is our first day at Blue Bell Meadow in the Wissahickon. This will be our home base on Tuesdays instead of the Schuylkill Center, as it provides opportunities to study topics more aligned with our curriculum. Blue Bell Meadow is on Walnut Lane in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed. We will go rain or shine. We will do tick checks when we arrive back at school. Your child should do a more thorough tick check at home.

Students are required to wear sneakers during PE class. Students can either wear sneakers to school on days they have PE. Or, they can leave a pair of sneakers in their cubby and change their shoes before they arrive to class.

*Athletics: *A quick reminder that fall sports starts on Monday! Please go to the Middle School Interscholastic Sports page of the school website (remember, the password to the parent portal is tigers) to register; online registration closes today. For students to be able to participate, they must turn in their sports physical and student athlete contract; the contract is the the last page of the Athletic Handbook (It can also be found with the online registration as a supplemental form that can be uploaded once signed.) If one of these forms is not yet submitted, the student is still expected to go to practice to be a part of the team building and learn through observation. Practice for all sports will run from 3:30-5pm. Any questions related to the sports physical should be directed to Sara Forgione, our school nurse. If you have questions about the Athletic Handbook, please email Akemi Moriuchi, our Athletic Director.

Have a great weekend!

Some questions to ask your 6th grade child:

  • What is one thing that is unique to being a 6th grader at TPS?
  • What strategy did you use to solve the stair problem?
  • What is special about being an eleven-year-old in the community described in The Giver? What is special about being an eleven-year-old (and 6th grader) at TPS?

Katrina, Mike, Terry, and Jess

-- Michael Friedman

        MIddle School Teacher