6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Our primary endeavor this week has been crafting Big Idea Papers. After studying each of our four spotlights on modern Africa, students developed big ideas, or thesis statements, about the legacy and influence of outsiders on the continent. They have spent the bulk of the week further developing these big ideas and supporting them with examples. Students created their outlines using a mapping program that allowed them to make connections visually, and then the program turned their thoughts into a standard outline. Then they created a Google doc with their outline, which has allowed us to communicate with students and support them throughout the process.

In math, we began our understanding of shape and volume. Using the 3-D paper cubes, or rectangular prisms, that they created, students began to understand surface area, volume, and shape, while they were being pushed to think and express themselves algebraically. In science, our exploration of the history of human migration and genetic variation focused on adaptations that resulted in particular physical traits, in particular sickle cell anemia.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What is one of your supporting details in your big idea paper outline?
  • Why is having sickle cell both a genetic negative and a positive?
  • Why is advantages to have a larger surface area to volume in warmer climates?

Have a great weekend,

6th Grade Team