6th Grade Weekly Note

Greetings, 6th Grade Families,

We continued our study of Rwanda and how the country has been able to move forward after the 1994 genocide. Students have discussed how people from Rwanda have been able to reconcile with others after such tragedy. In language arts, students have been writing big ideas about each of our spotlights; these ideas will build up to our research paper. Students evaluate the importance of each spotlight, and make a statement that they could support and defend. This will be the majority of our work in the upcoming weeks.

In math, students thought critically about fixed area and fixed perimeter and connected physical dimensions to the patterns shown in various graphs. Our geometry unit will continue over the next month and move into three-dimensional objects.

During science this week, students discovered the difference between meiosis and mitosis. They learned the purpose of each and how they are important for our growth.

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • How do fathers pass down identical “Y chromosomes” to their sons? Why not to their daughters?
  • Given a fixed area of 100, what are the dimensions of the rectangle with the smallest perimeter?
  • How have Rwandans reconciled post-Genocide?
  • What is one of your big ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend!

6th Grade Team