6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

This week we have been discussing the success, triumphs and aspirations of African countries.The students researched the histories of these countries and the connection to the design of their flag. For the CYOC project the students are now adding a flag for their created country. As the students reflect on what their country’s citizens are proud of and how they define themselves they will create the flag. The flag will have elements of it that are significant to country and will include an element that represents the country’s aspirations.

In math we have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions. We learned that using a fact family when dividing decimals really helps!

In language arts the sixth grade has continued looking at short stories. This week they have begun to write their short stories The students worked on their introductions, they have developed their main characters, setting and plot. They know their characters so well that they were able to act out a scene from each of their stories.

We have continued our unit on play, even in the not so ideal weather conditions. The students went to Smith Playground and were able to look at original documents from Smith’s archives. Towards the end of the week, they observed and interviewed students from our TPS Preschool in the garden and inside their classrooms. Also, some students created Play Inspiration Boards to display what inspires them about nature play. The sixth grade has been working on their TEDTalks. Throughout the week we viewed several TedTalks related to Africa’s future, play and other topics.

Questions to ask your child?

  • What is one thing the citizen’s of your CYOC are proud of?
  • In your short story, how did you hook the reader’s attention in the introduction?
  • What is an interesting fact about your main character in your short story?
  • What is your TEDTalk topic? How will you document the information as you prepare your Talk?

Please read the information below about our cell phone policy: We recognize the conveniences of communicating via cell phone. However, improper use of cell phones by Middle School students during and after the school day has been disruptive and disrespectful. Thank you in advance for supporting the school's work to make responsible use of technology part of our culture here.

~ During the School Day. Students may not use cell phones during the school day without both teacher permission and supervision. Phones must be turned off and kept in a backpack, preferably stowed away in a cubby. If a student uses a cell phone during the school day without permission and supervision, any staff person can and should confiscate the phone. The phone will be given to Matt Eskin or Justine Hoffman and will only be returned to a parent or guardian, who will have to come to school to pick it up. Should that student choose to continue to bring a cell phone to school, he/she will be required to leave it at the front desk each day until the end of the school year.

~ After School. Students may not use their phones in the building after school without both permission and supervision. We understand that some parents text their children regarding pick-up times and after school plans. If you plan to communicate with your child that way, please let your child's advisor and whoever supervises your child after school know this. If a student improperly uses a cell phone after school, the above consequences will hold.

Finally, to attend the Middle School Spring Fling next Friday evening (6:30-8:30pm), students must return a signed permission form by Monday.

Have a great weekend,

6th Grade Team