6th Grade Weekly Note

Hello, 6th Grade Parents,

We started the short week off with our community-building overnight trip to Camp Dark Waters! Students participated in team challenges that involved high and low ropes courses. The low ropes course included activities that made each advisory work as a team to complete various tasks. The high ropes courses, a giant swing and obstacle course, provided challenges that were unique to each individual. Students pushed themselves to complete what was in their comfort zone or just outside.

During our trip, we also reflected on our declarations for the year and checked in with how we are upholding the Middle School social contract. This year's social contract includes four parts; be proactive, be respectful, set your bar high, and be adaptive. Students reflected on which parts will be easy and challenging to uphold. We will continue discussions about the social contract throughout the year.

Questions to ask your 6th grader:

  • What was one activity you enjoyed at Camp Dark Waters?
  • What job did you have on the trip?
  • What does "of" mean in mathematics?
  • What is one connection between animals, plants, soil, and geology?

Enjoy your weekend,

Katrina, Mike, Terry, and Jess