6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear 6th Grade Families,

This week, TPS Middle School took part in Fall Mini-courses. Students explored various ideas and worlds in a plethora of weeklong classes. Working side by side with 7th and 8th graders, 6th grade students took courses ranging from Ping Pong to Philly Photos to Forensic Science. There will be another week of Mini-courses in the spring.

We wanted to share an update with all of you about how the learning resources team has been partnering with us in 6th grade. Jill Garland, whose work focuses on language arts and executive skills, is partnering with Terry and Katrina in LA classes each week to observe students and monitor their ability to engage with classroom content. Jill has also been meeting informally with individuals to monitor the progress of their reading comprehension skills. In addition, during Friday checkout, Jill has been rotating through each of the advisory groups to support students during this period where executive skills, such as time management, task initiation, goal-directed persistence are in high demand. We are also partnering with Jill during Monday LA skills workshops to provide small group support for students around specific reading and writing skills that emerge from their work.

Abby Gordon is likewise partnering with Jess and Michael in math classes twice a week. Abby uses a push-in on Wednesdays to monitor students and to team with the teachers to help them meet the needs of all students in the class. On Friday afternoons, Abby meets with small groups of students for extra skill practice during math workshop time. These groups change depending on the content that the class is learning and who needs support with what skills.

Having an extra set of eyes and hands in the room helps us get to know the students and to brainstorm strategies for supporting our many different learners. Our close teaming with Learning Resources helps to ensure that each child is getting what he or she needs in all aspects of our academic program.

Next week will be short, but with many activities. Note that on Monday, November 23rd, 6th graders will be preparing food for the TPS Thanksgiving Feast, which will be held on Tuesday, the 24th. Right after the feast, we are off to the Fairmount Waterworks. We will be walking there and back (it is located right next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

Questions to ask your 6th Grader:

  • What was a skill or set of knowledge you acquired during the Mini Courses?
  • What is empathy?
  • What about puberty are you most excited about?

Have a great weekend!

Katrina, Mike, Terry and Jess