6th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week we turned our focus to Rwanda, Burundi, and the legacy of colonization leading to civil war and genocide. We interviewed Adrien Nioyongabo, a Burundian peace advocate who is currently studying at University of Notre Dame. Jess reported on changes in Rwanda over the last two decades since the genocide based on her trip to East Africa this past summer. She also discussed Tanzania and cultural differences across East Africa. Students asked many insightful questions to Adrien and Jess.

Students examined racial conflict in America through the lens of the Black Lives Matter movement. Later students will be challenged to compare American issues of race with those in Africa.

Questions to ask your child:

  • How does a fixed area graph look different from a fixed perimeter graph?
  • What is your inference regarding why the Y-chromosome is used as evidence for human migration through Africa and the rest of the world?
  • What is the similarities and difference between the situation now in Burundi and 20 years ago in Rwanda?

We will see you on Tuesday!

The 6th Grade Team