7th Grade Weekly Note

Good afternoon, parents!

The Spring is soaring by, and we’ve been busy here in the seventh grade. Here are some highlights from the week!

This week at The Schuylkill Center we worked with a group of student diversity leaders from Abington Friends School. In two activities, these passionate high schoolers explored with us the various ways in which our identities shape our social groups and dynamics, as well as the power of language -- who can say what, when or how they can say it, and how the identity of the speaker affects the impact of our words. 

In language arts this week we’ve started our comic project in which students identify a moment, experience, or event that has shaped their sense of self and then explore its meaning through an original comic strip. We’ve been learning some cartooning basics in art over the past few weeks, and the students are excited to put that knowledge to use composing their own comics. 

In science we’ve dived into our exploration of genetics and the role it plays in our identities. We’ve started this by discussing our family histories, so don’t be surprised if your children ask you about their relatives and ancestry. 

In cultural studies we’ve been examining the idea of American exceptionalism and mythology through various cultural lenses, from 19th century paintings to contemporary commercials. Be sure to ask your child what sorts of myths and messages we Americans have communicated about ourselves over our history and how they shape our cultural identity as Americans. 

Finally, a reminder about our upcoming trip to Washington, DC, on Monday, May 1. You should have signed a permission slip by this point -- if you have not, please contact your child’s advisor as soon as possible so that we can send you a copy to sign over the weekend. It will be an extended-day trip, departing TPS at 8:30 a.m. and arriving back around 8:30 p.m. The signed permission slip should include a pickup plan for your child. We will also provide $10 to each student to help purchase dinner at the National Museum of African American History, but each student should bring their own lunch, snacks, and water for the bus ride and during the day. If you have questions about the trip, contact Melanie at [email protected]. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to chaperone the trip with us -- we couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks for your time, and have a great weekend!

David, Jake, Steve, and Melanie